One Fargo teen is learning a hard lesson after her mom put her Katy Perry tickets up for sale in a Facebook garage sale group to discipline her. 

She had originally bought the tickets to take her daughter to the show, but after dealing with some unacceptable behavior, decided to sell them them in the group to teach her a lesson.

5 minutes later they were sold and the post gained over 200 likes inside of an hour. In fact, the post went viral so quickly, the admins had to pull it down to keep the focus of the group on buying and selling, not the post.

We had a chance to catch up with the mother, who was overwhelmed by the response.

I posted an ad on the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Sale with the header, "Daughter is a spoiled brat and doesn't deserve these tickets." I was NOT trying to publicly shame her. I had no idea this would blow up like it did.

I've had a similar experience with a situation almost identical to this. My wife and I bought tickets to take her daughter to (funny enough) a Katy Perry show. After she decided to stay out all night, we sold her ticket to the show as punishment. We felt it would be encouraging bad behavior if we allowed her to go. While it wasn't fun for anyone involved, it did drive the point home.

The Fargo mother echoed sentiments of parents everywhere who have had to resort to tough love, saying, "I love my daughter very much, just not her behavior lately."

Where do you stand?