The Downtown Community Partnership Business Improvement District’s cleanup crew, formed in early 2013 and working to keep downtown Fargo beautiful for the last three months, has plenty of work to do, especially on Mondays.

As the biggest city in North Dakota, Fargo has a rapidly growing night life, and the sidewalks are sporting an abundance of vomit stains to show for it.

That's where the cleanup crew comes in.

Prior to the formation of the BID crew, the beautification and maintenance of downtown Fargo was left largely in the hands of the city's business owners, but many didn't bother with the chore.

It made for messy streets, particularly after a weekend of partying by bar patrons.

Adding to the mess is a rise in the homeless population, as well as a steady stream of large events where alcohol is provided.

“If we could just have a few more events that didn’t have alcohol involved, we would see a big difference,” Amy Nash, sustainability coordinator for the district, says.

That's not likely to happen; Fargo was named "America's drunkest city" this year by

While vomit is certainly the least fun thing making work for the BID crew, it isn't the most oft-occurring; one-shot liquor bottles and cigarette butts are even bigger culprits.