UPDATE: Jessica Houser was found on May 4, and she is safe.

Have you seen Jessica Houser?

On Tuesday (May 4) afternoon, Fargo Police Lieutenant Chris Helmick talked to the public about missing person, Jessica Houser. On May 2, the 30-year-old was reported missing by her father. Until yesterday afternoon, we really had no information other than her age, height, and a picture of her. But even after the police press briefing, we still do not know much about Jessica or her situation.

On May 4, the Fargo Police held a conference to give the public more information about Jessica's disappearance.

At 3:15 PM on May 4, the Fargo Police Department held a conference to inform the public about Jessica Houser and answer questions surrounding her disappearance. Lieutenant Chris Hemlick said that Jessica's father called the Fargo Police Department on May 2, after he had not heard from his daughter since they last spoke on April 30. Though Jessica lives in Elizabeth, Minnesota (nearly 60 miles from Fargo), her dad called the FPD because he thought she was in Fargo and he was concerned about her health.

Since the investigation is ongoing, not a lot of information surrounding Jessica's disappearance was revealed to the public.

From the start of the conference, viewers and reporters were told that information would be limited because the investigation was ongoing. Lieutenant Helmick could not confirm if Jessica's disappearance was suspicious, but he did confirm that there is a person who is "on the radar" and the police will continue to contact this person. At this point, FPD is the only entity investigating Jessica's disappearance.

If you know anything

Again, since this is an ongoing investigation, there really was no information presented to the public. We do not even have details about what Jessica was wearing when she went missing. BUT, the FPD is asking that anyone who knows anything will come forward with information. Get more details about reporting information here.

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