People should have options available so they can avoid having to defecate on the sidewalks and streets in downtown Fargo. When nature calls...there's no sending it to your voicemail.  So if you have no home it stands to reason you have no throne upon which to sit.

Downtown Fargo is moving number two up to number one on its to-do list.

The reaction comes as officials in Fargo report there were around 500 instances of "biohazards" in the summer months alone. The problem is simple.  There are no free and open public restrooms in the downtown area, especially in the evenings. This is no new issue, but there were not many construction projects this year downtown so none of those construction port-a-potties were available.

So what's a colon to do?

Well, thanks to the combined efforts of the Downtown Community Partnership (DCP) and the Business Improvement District (BID) Fargo will now implement a pilot program managed by the two groups. Organizers hope to have two portable restrooms in place within the coming weeks. It seems like a great idea, but DCP executive director Cindy Graffeo is cautious with her optimism.

“What we’re hoping for out of this pilot program is to see whether or not it addresses the root issue that we’re finding downtown, or if it creates a whole new set of challenges,”

I guess one challenge is that someone will have to keep them clean and that appears to have fallen into the laps of the good folks at the BID.  Congratulations everybody! The temporary restrooms will be located near the Downtown Engagement Center and at the Elim Lutheran Church.

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