As a father, I hope I never have to have a similar conversation with my kids. But, if it were to ever happen, I would hope I could show my kids the compassion this father shows his son.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, journalist Yann Barthès took to the streets for his show Le Petite Journal. While interviewing people who were placing flowers at one of the many monuments around Paris, he talked with a little boy and his father.

Starting the conversation with the boy, Yann asked him if he understood what happened. That's where thing just start to get heartwarming.

When the child said that they would have to move because the bad guys, the father stepped in to reinforce that they weren't going anywhere. He even gives us a very touching quote that I will take to heart.

It's Ok, They might have guns, but we have flowers.

Take the time to watch and learn what the father teaches his son about humanity and compassion. It's a lesson I hope I can teach my kids soon.