Snowpocalypse Of 2022

For the past few days, our great state has been gotten an enormous amount of snow. Total accumulation ranges from 20 to 30 inches! It's certainly not the worst storm North Dakota's seen, but it is one for the books.

The Boredom Sets In

This snow is heavy and wet, so many of us are stuck inside and unable to move our cars. When you spend so many days inside, you get a little stir-crazy.

There are tons of snow-related pictures and videos circulating on social media... Everyone wants to document the 2022 blizzard. While most of the pictures are just of snow-covered cars and streets, there are a few individuals posting some... well... let's call it "Unique" content.

This North Dakota man was making the most of this trying situation. He hopped on one of his snow-mobiles, sporting nothing but a g-string. And of course, he documented this glorious moment and made a video of it.

Caution to young, impressionable viewers. Once seen, there's no going back. It's very much a "The Ring" situation. After viewing, you must pass this video along to others. Themz the rules.

Take a look:


If your mouth is on the floor, go ahead and pick it up now.

First, I have to say, that's not nearly enough fabric. Second, is that a mullet?! Third, how wonderfully patriotic! The thong is star-spangled awesome.

If you're wondering, the video was shot in Killdeer North Dakota. The man featured in the video, is Zach Walker; he shared this video to Facebook on Wednesday (April 13th) during the peak of the blizzard. --It's probably already popped up on your timeline, as it' just shy of 600,000 views! Wow!

I reached out to Mr. Walker and he told me it was just something he wanted to do.

"I did it because that’s just me. I love to make people laugh and brighten anyone’s day I can. Life is too short to be serious all the time," said Walker.

He also said he almost took it a step further.

The adrenaline kicked in once I jumped into the snow pile. I considered jumping off the roof next….didn’t happen though," said Walker.

As Odd As It Is...

This is some much-needed comic relief during an otherwise stressful time.

I'd like to personally thank this man for the laugh...

Dear sir, carry on.



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