Do you need a little help with wrapping gifts this year?

I have already tried to wrap presents and I am about to give up. No matter how many tutorials I watch, no matter how straight I slide my scissors down across the cutting grid on the wrapping paper, no matter how precisely I fold the corners and edges, the gifts I wrap end up looking like a hot mess. If you are like me and need a little help making your presents look like they were wrapped by a real professional, you can get your presents wrapped at Kirkwood Mall.

The Bismarck Optimist Club is at Kirkwood Mall to help people wrap their presents.

I was recently walking through the mall when I passed the booth where the Bismarck Optimist Club was wrapping presents. I always forget that there is usually somewhere that will wrap presents for me. And, getting presents wrapped by the people at the Bismarck Optimist Club benefits more than just you and the person who the gift is for.

According to the Bismarck Optimist Club's website, the money raised will benefit things like "the annual Optimist Easter Egg Hunt, Optimist Impact grant, Funds for the Future grant and much more!"

If you still have shopping to do, there are plenty of local stores where you can shop.

We are getting down to the final days before Christmas is here. So, it is time to get shopping and presents all wrapped up! There are so many great local places where you can find great gifts for your loved ones.

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