Following the passage of a new law earlier this year, North Dakota has become the first state to legalize law enforcement use of armed drones.

Law enforcement is upping their game with the help of armed drones. Though the law passed limits the type of weapons permitted to those of the "less than lethal" variety (weapons such as tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbags, pepper spray and tasers), the original bill actually aimed to ensure that no weapons at all were allowed on law enforcement drones.

The intent of the law was to require police to obtain a search warrant before using a drone in order to gather evidence, as well as prohibiting weapons from drones. However, to get the provision requiring search warrants passed, the provision barring weapons needed to be dropped.

A primary concern of law enforcement to gain use of drones for surveillance due to the recent outbreak of methamphetamine use. Meth use throughout the state has been rising dramatically and now several states are moving toward the use of drones for surveillance in drug enforcement.

Source: High Times