Can you believe that things will be opening up this weekend? On today's COVID-19 press conference, Governor Burgum is going to announce guidelines for businesses reopening in North Dakota. As strange as this time in our lives has been, it's not all been bad to be cooped up at home.

It is bittersweet and a bit nerve-wracking that we're preparing to go back to "normal." But there are actually things I will miss about the slower pace of life we've experienced  the past month-and-a-half. Check out my list of things I'll miss below:

  • A Slower Lifestyle  - My fiance and I work opposite schedules - I work during the day, he works in the evening (AND WEEKENDS). When things were "normal," we almost only saw each other long enough to say goodnight/good morning. Because of the shutdowns, he has been home way more and we can do things together we can't normally do.
  • Board and Card Games - Yes, we do love to play games at my house, but my fiance and I don't play nearly as often as when we want to. When Aidan is home at night, we've been playing a lot of our favorites. Once quarantine's over, the games most definitely won't see quite as much attention because both of our schedules will be busy again.
  • Sense of Community - Not that I think North Dakotans don't care for their communities, but I can't remember a time when I saw as much love go into the world. I love seeing everyone's hearts on their doors, support for our local heroes, and help for those who are in need or vulnerable. But I'm sure as things go back to "normal," we won't feel as much love in the world.
  • Home Cooking - I like to cook, but I don't like to cook for one OR when it's late. When Aidan goes back to work full-time, we won't be able to cook at night as much. So, supper will get a little lonely and more boring when there's less time to explore new, adventurous recipes.
  • Social Distancing Fun - Have you driven around Western North Dakota? It's so beautiful, stunning. Parts of it remind me of the couple of years I spent in Colorado. As I spent many years in Eastern North Dakota, I didn't even realize the side of the state I grew up on was so gorgeous.

  Unfortunately, Aidan and I won't have as much time to explore after we're out of      quarantine. But you can bet we'll take advantage any chance we can. Especially,    when there will be summer storms to chase.

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