is the go-to place for people in Bismarck-Mandan to make a deal, but did you know the site also allows people to simply give things away?

Sure, some of these things could be useful, like a piano or a house (seriously), but others are downright strange.

So, here's a quick list of five weird items you can get for free right now on!

  • 1

    A Rooster

    If you've always wanted your very own rooster, have I got a deal for you! There is currently one available FOR FREE on There is one catch, though: the bird must go to a farm. Sorry, Bismarck-Mandan apartment owners. No rooster for you.
  • 2


    These aren't just any old logs, though, ok? These are 'nice logs,' as the ad proclaims. The seller cut down the tree in August, but his plans changed, which is great news for you! Now, you can take advantage of these 'nice logs.'
  • 3

    Copies of National Geographic

    I've you've been searching and searching for back issues of National Geographic, you're in luck. Don't get too excited, though, because you're not going to get complete years. I know, I'm disappointed, too.
  • 4

    Hotel Shampoos and Soaps

    Why steal the shampoo and soap from your hotel room when this person has already done the work for you?
  • 5

    20 Plastic Bed Pans

    Not one, not two, but TWENTY plastic bed pans! Absolutely free! Are you sh*tting me?! Yes, that pun was intended.

    As the ad states, these plastic bed pans 'come in handy when your pipes freeze,' so, you might as well stock up. Winters can be long in North Dakota.