I didn't plan for this to happen during my air shift, but the topic of how expensive everything has become came up yesterday.  Listeners were calling me and the app chat messages were flying in.  One lady said she could no longer afford to buy meat for her family.  Steak, chicken, and even hamburger are ridiculously priced.  About the only thing my family buys anymore is pork.  I think I've had one steak in the last six months and that's because I splurged on Valentine's Day.  Another lady from Bismarck told me on air that she's become a vegetarian without even realizing it.

It's not just the carnivores that are feeling the pain.  How about soft drinks like soda and even flavored water.  Vegetables, fruit, and even salads are not cheap anymore.

Then there's the pain at the pump.  Gas is currently at $3.39 at most stations across Bismarck.  That's a bargain compared to what they are paying in Los Angeles.  Gas prices have surged to over $6.00 dollars a gallon.  I think it's safe to say we'll see $4.00 dollar plus gas in North Dakota this year.

If you're like me and you need a raise, here are 28 high-paying jobs in North Dakota right now according to indeed.  You'll more than likely need some schooling or at the very least some training for these, but it's something to consider.  No shock, DJ/Content Creator is not on the list.

*  Accountant-average salary-$50,269 (seems very low to me)

*  Commercial Pilots-average salary $51,322 (seems very low to me)

*  Market Manager-average salary $52,966

*  Electrical Engineer-average salary $57,639

*  Pharmacist-average salary $61,734

*  Truck Driver-average salary $63,050

*  Software Developer-average salary $63,588

*  Sales Manager-average salary $64,101

*  Financial Manager-average salary $68,659

*  Operations Manager-average salary $69,327

*  Dental Hygienist-average salary $70,401

*  Judge-average salary $71,887

*  Architect-average salary $74,891

*  Engineering Manager-average salary $77,656

*  Civil Engineer-average salary $83,178

*  Criminal Investigator-average salary $83,958

*  Veterinarians-average salary $84,555

*  Chiropractor-average salary $86,073

*  Information Systems Manager-average salary $91,160

*  Aerospace Engineer-average salary $93,170

*  Construction Manager-average salary $93,273

*  Psychologist-average salary $94,620

*  Physician Assistant-average salary $106,885

*  Lawyer-average salary-$108,737

*  Chief Executive Officer-average salary-$114,034

*  Optometrist-average salary-$170,914

*  Dentist-average salary-$187,228

*  Nurse Practitioner-average salary-$208,631



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