It's nice that I can say football fandom in Bismarck is a fun atmosphere.

Since the time that I've moved to Bismarck, back in early June, it's more than exceeded any expectations I had. Not that I necessarily knew what to expect, given that I'd never been here before moving. However, having a career in radio, there can be lots of moving and traveling involved. I've definitely lived in my fair share of cities previously. I know we're only weeks into the professional and collegiate football seasons, but based on my experiences thus far in Bismarck, this has been my favorite city to watch football in.

As you may know, I am originally from St. Louis, MO (just across the river on the Illinois side). I grew up a Rams' fan, and I'm still a fan, even after their owner selfishly took them to the west coast. Since being in radio, I've been in four cities where the Rams weren't remotely the popular team to be rooting for in a public setting. Typically, I'd go to an establishment to watch their games and would be ignored by others around, rooting for their respective team. However, since being in Bismarck, this is not the case.

This past weekend, I was at an establishment to watch the Rams game. Again, surrounded by all other fans of other teams, but it was different. The surrounding fans were extremely respectful and very engaging. It felt like being a part of something. The atmosphere was positive and much more welcoming than I've experienced in other cities. It was a comradery that I hadn't experienced elsewhere, aside from being back in my home city.

This hasn't been just this past Sunday, but also each time I've been out and about for college games, it's been the same way. Regardless of who the fans in Bismarck have been rooting for, the atmosphere is booming with positivity. This is definitely a welcomed contrast from previous surroundings.

So thank you, Bismarck. I'm happy to be part of a community that knows how to make football weekends fun, no matter who's playing, or who you're rooting for.