Have you ever looked at a vent, wondering if you are being watched? It can seem like a total paranoid thought, but it happens. And it has happened in North Dakota. Earlier this week, we learned that a Mandan police officer was arrested for recording a minor who was showering.

Former Mandan Police Officer Scott Warzecha has been charged with a heinous crime. The Bismarck Tribune says that Warzecha has been charged with three felonies for the recordings he obtained on his phone. He allegedly hid his phone in a bathroom exhaust vent to secretly record a minor. Warzecha is currently in jail, with a bond set a $5,000.

The Bismarck Tribune is also reporting that Warzecha is prohibited from having contact with his minor victim, but he will be allowed to travel within the state. If he does get released, Warzecha  intends to live in Eastern North Dakota. Get the full story from the Bismarck Tribune here.

I know he has not been convicted of anything, but I find it odd that he would be allowed to move to another North Dakota city if he ends up being released before his trial. Maybe I am just ignorant, but is it normal for this type of thing to happen when a person is charged with a sexual felony? Sounds to me like someone could be making plans to "disappear."

Do you think that former Mandan police officer Scott Warzecha should be allowed to move across the state if he happens to get bailed out?

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