Would you help a stranger in a life or death situation?

What would you do if you were faced with a situation where you may risk your life for a total stranger? While I think most people believe they would help in a dire situation, we never truly know how we would react unless faced with such a situation. Recently, four North Dakota men proved that they would literally risk their lives to save another.

Four North Dakota men rescued a stranger from a fiery car wreck.

According to Inforum, four men named Jeremy Swanson, Scott Willoughby, his son Cody and nephew Brandon Ouart were honored by North Dakota Highway Patrol for saving a complete stranger's life. A 21-year-old named Holden Mack was reportedly in a car accident where he ended up being stuck inside the fiery wreckage. The four men worked together to get Holden out of his vehicle before it was consumed by the fire. Though Holden did suffer "life-threatening burns on half his body," he is reportedly on his way to recovery.

The four men showed true selflessness when they rescued Holden.

I can't imagine the strength it must take to put your own life on the line for another. All four of those men made a decision to go up against actual fire to pull Holden to safety. They could have just called the police and waited for assistance, but they clearly realized the urgency. I am sure Holden and his family are beyond grateful for the four heroes that were present for the crash that day.

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