Free-For-All Friday has landed in Bismarck, and all day, I will be giving out whatever I can get my hands on!

This week found me with a huge stack of Subway sandwiches to give out. The day started with me down at Cash Wise Foods on the Expressway.

Thank you to the 30 of you that came out and grabbed your free Subway from me while laughing at my dancing skills! It was a pleasure to talk to you all

Then at 1pm, the party moved to North Bismarck, with me setting up the Hot Hummer in the south parking lot of the Gateway Mall. Not rain, snow, sleet, nor stormy weather was going to keep me from setting up shop and shaking hands with anyone and everyone that came along. Thank you to the 20 or so of you that dropped by and let me warm my hands in your cars while I danced the afternoon away!



Now, the Free-For-All continues On-Air! I will have Subway EVERY HOUR till 7pm tonight! Be listening for your cue-to-call!

Want the heads up on where I will be next week for Free-For-All Friday? Make sure to like us on Facebook! I'll let you know where I will be before I even leave the office!