The Tonight Show guests were treated to an "unforgettable" performance from French Montana and the Triplets Ghetto Kids dance troupe.

With so many different artists hitting the late night circuit to promote new albums, it's often hard to stand out against the crowd. The stage is almost always the same cramped space, the performances typically come at the end of the show, and it's hard to do things you'd normally do on stage at a concert. More and more, artists like French Montana are trying to find ways to make their spotlights memorable while battling the constraints of consistency on late night TV.

Bringing a Ugandan dance troupe with you to see Jimmy Fallon is certainly one way to mark the occasion, and Montana's performance of "Unforgettable" lives up to its name thanks to these talented kids. Doesn't hurt that the song isn't half-bad either, but Montana knows to keep himself to the background while the dancers do the heavy lifting of keeping the audience captivated.

New York's own Maggie Rogers is having quite the 2017. After dropping her debut EP Now That The Light is Fading earlier this year, she brought her eclectic pop-folk to SXSW, and has been a rising star of the indie scene since. Last night she performed a new track off the EP, "On+Off," which follows on the chill electro vibes of "Alaska" quite nicely.

The only disappointing thing is Rogers's EP only has five tracks, and we are eager to see more of what she has to offer. This little diddy on James Corden's show will just have to suffice until she's ready to bring more to the masses.

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