Working in radio is probably the most amazing privilege I could ever have. However, it's not without answering questions that absolutely painful to hear.

Most people I meet like to ask me things about my job. They're intrigued. Radio is a field unlike anything else I've experienced before, so I understand the curiosity. However, anyone in radio knows that there are certain questions you will always get from people who know nothing about your job, no matter what. I figured I'd provide a sample of some of these questions.

  • Can you say something in your "radio voice?"
  • So, you just talk between songs?
  • Can you get me concert tickets?
  • I don't like that song, why do you play it?
  • So, you only work 4 hours a day?
  • I want to be on the radio, can I work there?
  • A friend of mine is in a band, can you play their song on your station?
  • Why does your station play some of the same songs all the time?
  • Why are there so many commercials on your station?
  • Why do you talk over the beginning of the song and then stop right before the lyrics start?

These are just some of the questions that some of us in the radio career field have heard. Not just myself, but others I know as well. And this is only a sample. Several others exist. This is not to say that I couldn't just as easily ask someone a ridiculous question about their job. However, I'm not exactly about to ask a computer programmer, "So, you probably just get to play on the Internet all day, right?" Same principle.

That being said, we truly do love our listeners. You are the reason why we make radio happen. Engaging with you is my favorite part of the day. So, if you do have some questions, even if they fall in line with what you just read, feel free to ask. You never know when it might end up in a blog, or on-air.