Reason 19,428 I love my job: You just never know what fun things will happen on any given day.

Yesterday, I was on a remote at Pediatric Therapy Partners. One of the rooms that they had set up for the kids was a place where you could get your nails painted or have a temporary tattoo put on. I got a chance to talk with one girl on the air while she was having her nails painted, and she kept insisting that I needed to get my nails painted.

After a couple more minutes of pleas from her (and a few more from the staff there) I caved in and let her paint my nails.

5 minutes later, the results of the manicure.

She was ecstatic that I allowed her to paint my nails, and the staff at the clinic got a nice chuckle out of the quality of her work.

I got a smile out of making her day and showing them off to anyone that asked.

I have since removed the polish from my nails, although I didn't do that great of a job as you can still see some of it around my cuticles... but it'll be a fond memory of my radio days.

You just never know what fun thing will happen on any given day. I can't believe that I have been blessed with being able to do this for a living.