Wondering what person, trend or concept your state searched more than any other in 2015? Look no further -- Estately.com has put together a comprehensive post telling us just that.

Here in North Dakota, the NFL draft was the king of the interwebz, while every subject from Magic Mike XXL to ISIS reigned supreme across the nation.

Some states were particularly interested in celebrities: Kaley Cuoco was searched most frequently in Nebraska and Amy Schumer in Maine; Oklahoma was wild about Caitlyn Jenner, while Charlie Sheen's HIV confession riveted New York; and Miranda Lambert's failed marriage was a hit in both Wyoming -- in which "Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani" was most-searched -- and Texas, where "Miranda Lambert divorce" topped the list.

Other states had grimmer fixations: Arkansas was fascinated by researching terror group ISIS, while North Carolina was most interested in the meaning of the Confederate flag. Yet other states were particularly concerned about their Second Amendment rights, with Missouri searching "right to keep and bear arms" more than any other state, and Florida typing in "concealed weapons permit" more than others.

A few states' frequent interests were kind of head-scratchers: Washington searched for Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy more than any other state; and Montana, in which you would expect residents to already know everything there is to know about wolves, nonetheless Googled them with the most frequency.

Click here for the full and expanded list of "What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State in 2015."