You may have seen flyers around the community, posts on Facebook, or even this billboard.

Andi Ahne
Andi Ahne

The dog’s name is "Prairie," but to the volunteers of Miles of Love Dog Rescue, she's known as "Mama". She was pregnant with her first litter of pups when she went missing more than 4 weeks ago.


Prairie was being fostered in Lincoln when she got out of a that person's yard. She was last seen on camera at about 8 am on February 26th. Cassandra Sattler, a volunteer for Miles of Hope, says it's possible Prairie is trying to make it back to where she was found. She was first discovered in New Town. She, along with seven other dogs were picked up from the "Stray Sanctuary," after they were dumped in a ditch.

The big concern:

Prairie was several weeks pregnant when she ran away. Sattler says she would have had the puppies by now, and they worry for the safety of Prairie and her new pups.

The silver lining:

While searching for Prairie, the community has helped to catch and return two other huskies that had gone missing.

If you see her:

She will be without a collar, and might be frightened. Sattler says the best thing to do if she is spotted is to sit on the ground and call the number they have listed on their flyer. She says it would be best not to call to her or try to chase her.

You might even see her on your security cameras, doorbell, and trail cams!

If you see prairie and/or her pups contact the Miles of Love Dog rescue at 701-690-7280. 



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