Former German International soccer player Tim Wiese is taking a much different direction in life after being released from his club. Now, he's considering a move to the WWE.

Tim played in the 2010 World Cup for Germany and has had a pretty successful club career, playing for some of the world's most storied clubs. Most recently, he played for Hoffenheim where things didn't go so well. After a very poor season for the club, the fans turned their anger toward the net minder, even holding protests at the club's headquarters calling for his firing. Depressed from all the negativity being shown toward him, Wiese didn't turn to drugs or alcohol... he turned to Bodybuilding.

And did he ever!

Tim was released from Hoffenheim in January after becoming "too big to be a goalkeeper" according to a statement from the club.

Seeing the transformation, and that he was currently available, the WWE reached out to Wiese and made an offer to become a professional wrestler.

Tim is considering the move, but hasn't made a decision yet.

Just makes me wonder... what would his wrestling name be... and what would his signature move be?