It's not every day that a team is willing to give up a win in order to do the right thing. Fortunately for the English soccer club Bury, they benefited from a rival coach willing to give up a win to correct a mistake.

The overwhelming show of sportsmanship came at the end of a match Bury was playing with Doncaster in the English 2nd division. Bury played the ball out of bounds to allow for a Doncaster player to be treated. In a standard show of sportsmanship, Doncaster then brought the ball back into play and kicked it directly to the Bury goalie. That's when things went horribly wrong. Doncaster player Harry Forrester misjudged how hard to hit the ball, and sent it sailing into the back of the net.

Doncaster's coach tried to get the refs to call some sort of foul to disallow the goal to no avail. After failing to turn the goal around, he thought of the only thing he could. He told his team to step aside and allow Bury to score a goal to equalize the score.

While most applauded the move as an amazing show of sportsmanship, some in the stands booed the players, knowing they were giving up a potential win so late in the game.

Just goes to show that, when played with integrity, sports show a side of humanity we don't usually get to see every day.