While it is not officially summer until June 20, 2021, I think it is safe to say that most North Dakotans get summer started Memorial Day Weekend. Tappen, North Dakota got started with summer even earlier than the rest of the state - did you hear about the NSFW landspout tornado that touched down? A Facebook post about the tornado had hundreds of super inappropriate (and equally hilarious) comments.

My family and I spent many years at Lake Metigoshe. My cousins had a cabin, so we could have fun all year round. But there was nothing better than summers at the cabin. We would be out on the boat all day, tubing and kneeboarding. These days, my parents have a camper that is nicer than any apartment I have ever lived in. So, they travel around North Dakota to different campsites and lake areas.

Check out some great places you can camp this summer! Did your favorite spot make the list?

10 of the Best Campsites in North Dakota

The official start of summer may not be until June 20, but we all know that Memorial Day weekend is when North Dakotans consider it "official." Check out some of the best camping areas in the state! Did your favorite make the list?

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