In order to commemorate its first steps in Westeros, Telltale Games has released the launch trailer for Game of Thrones: Episode 1, 'Iron From Ice'.

The debut trailer for Game of Thrones focuses on the noble members of House Forrester as they interact with some of our favorite characters from the TV series. The distinct lack of Joffrey Baratheon and noteworthy placement of Cersei Lannister by the throne as Queen Regent suggests that the scenes we saw from the trailer were well into season four of the popular HBO series. We also get to see how some of the Forresters are spread throughout the land. Given how there are five different protagonists from House Forrester, it would be rather dull to keep them all in the same spot. A young female member of the Forresters is at King's Landing, interacting with Cersei and Margaery Tyrell, each voiced by their corresponding actresses on the show.

We also get to see Tyrion Lannister, voiced by Peter Dinklage. Unfortunately, it seems that he hasn't learned since Destiny -- the lines he said in this trailer seemed to designate yet another lackluster and emotionless voice acting performance from the Emmy and Golden Globe winner.

Game of Thrones' first episode, 'Iron From Ice', launches on Dec. 2 for PC and PlayStation 4. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One version will debut on Dec. 4. iOS users can download the first episode on Dec. 4, while PS3 players will have to wait until Dec. 9.

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