We're about as close as you can possibly get to $4.00 gas in Bismarck Mandan.  Most stations are at $3.99 cents across the Capitol City.  Even Sam's club is only a few cents cheaper than that right now.

Even though we saw a brief reprieve last month, (gas prices actually went down a dime at one point here in Bismarck Mandan) the start of the summer driving season is nearly here.  That historically means higher gas prices across North Dakota and the country.  During the Memorial weekend typically we see the highest prices of the year.  That will likely be the case again, but experts warn that consumers will likely see high prices all summer long.

How high?  According to Kiplinger, the current national average price of regular unleaded has crept up to $4.16 per gallon, a four-cent increase from one week ago.  There's a chance we might break the national average of $4.33 record high setback in March.  That means with Bismarck Mandan already at $3.99 a gallon, it's almost certain we will see gas prices north of $4.00 dollars a gallon any day now.  That will be a bargain compared to places like California which will likely see prices well over the $6.00 dollars a gallon threshold.

According to AAA Gas Prices, the most expensive place for gas in North Dakota is McKenzie County.  Cities like Watford City are paying $4.12 cents a gallon for gas.  The cheapest gas in the state can be found in Cass County.  Gas prices in Fargo are around $3.89 cents a gallon.

Brace yourself if plan to travel this summer, it's going to be painful at the pump.


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