Ever wonder about the origin stories of all those hilarious GIFs you love to share on social media?

On Friday, filmmaker and NFL alum Matthew A. Cherry did the Lord's work by creating an EPIC Twitter thread explaining the history behind some of our favorite GIFs.

Titled #GifHistory, Matthew explored the origins of GIFs like the impressed red solo cup-holding guy—who first appeared in a rap battle video, by the way.

If you're wondering about this adorable GIF of K-pop star Chae Hyungwon keeping his thoughts to himself, well, that's got a story, too.

And did you know this expert side-eye delivery was in response to some Kardashian-related drama?

What about this incredible display of shade from RiRi? (We wouldn't wanna be the poor paparazzi at the receiving end of this shut-down!)


If you're not a reality TV junkie, you might not know that this GIF of Tiffany "New York" Pollard is from the first season of a VH1 show from 2006.

But our favorite, of course, has to be the GIF of this very shook dude raising his eyebrows in disbelief—and you won't believe where it's from, either.

Looking for more? Check out Matthew's full #GifHistory Twitter thread for explanations on where all these famous GIFs—and more!—came from.

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