As a woman my friends make my world a better place. They keep me sane,keep me grounded,make me laugh,cry,think and are great inspirers in my life. So it is really rare when we all can get together away from work,personal commitments and just be! This past Saturday one of my girlfriends organized a girl's night out to check out the play "ReEntry" and then dinner at Kobe's!


"ReEntry" the story of what it is like for our military men and women returning home after deployment.How their choice to serve impacts their families,spouses,friends and what goes through the mind of officers when they are preparing troops for battle. "ReEntry" was real,honest,heartbreaking,funny,powerful and it made me think about everything- about how little I understand about what it takes to serve and sacrifice your life and your family's satbility to defend all of us."ReEntry" gave me perspective, it made me more greatful for all the women and men serving our country, it brought home the importance of just being there for our troops, not for public display but in the long days,for their families,in gestures of kindness and respect.

After "ReEntry" at BSC we headed to Kobe's where the food and drinks are always good. I skipped my usual sushi for the Yaki Udon filled with seafood and wheat noodles, my soul filled up as we talked love,mom's,family's,hopes,hurts,the future. We sat present together in a world that often moves too fast and we shared our common bond of sisterhood and women with so many dreams.

Girl's night out always makes me want to be a better woman and friend! I hope during this holiday week that no matter how crazy it gets, you slow down,spend time with people you love and remember it's those moments that make life worth living!