If you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, you might find North Dakota's most popular kitchen gadget a little surprising.

A survey was done by Surety First to find the most popular kitchen gadgets in each state. The company looked at Google Trends to see what people are searching for the most.

And...before I reveal North Dakota's fave, let's take a look at the TOP 5 IN THE US.


5. Ice Cube Tray

I'm not sure I would call an ice cube tray a "Gadget," but it certainly is a necessity in my kitchen.


4. French Press

Did I Google what a French Press was after seeing it come in at number four?? Umm... yes. Don't judge me; I'm not a fancy pants.


3. Deep Fryer

I haven't gone as far as buying a deep fryer for my little apartment. --Not because I don't want to, but purely out of fear of injury and/or burning the place down. I remember having a "Fry Daddy" growing up. My dad was OBSESSED with that thing. They seem to have a weird cult following. Lol


2. Air Fryer 

Air Fryers took the world by storm a few years ago. I'm willing to bet there's one in nearly every kitchen. I myself, have broken down and purchased one. Is it any different than an oven? -- Not really. I will say it's nice to use it in the Summer instead of heating up the whole house with your oven.


1. Crock Pot

Old crusty and trusty is the number one most popular kitchen gadget in the country. Hey, I have a 10 gallon one myself (It's extreme, I know). Crock pots are honestly great. Just talking about crock pots has me craving my crock pot meatballs.


Ok, without further adieu, the NUMBER ONE, most popular kitchen gadget in North Dakota is...


The popcorn maker?... I say this as a question because... like...do people not just use microwaves? Why are we doing all this extra nonsense? I doth protest.

There you have it!

Those are top gadgets people are searching for. If you want to check out what the most popular gadgets were in each state, Surety put together a map for your viewing pleasure.

Inserting obligatory "Inspector Gadget" reference:


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