Many customers of Glasser Images are left in shock after the company's abrupt closure.

Last week, Bismarck-based photography company, Glasser Images abruptly closed its doors. As a result, customers have lost money, photographers/videographers, and photos. Bismarck couple, Crystal Brunner-Thompson and her new husband, Johnny Thompson, are among the many people who are left in shock after the devastating news.

Crystal and Johnny lost thousands of dollars and eight hours of photography from their wedding day.

Crystal and Johnny just got married on August 13, 2021. After eight hours of photography, the couple was expecting to receive a bunch of beautiful pictures to look back on for the rest of their lives. Instead, they only received some sneak peek photos.  The bill for the photos they were expecting was $2,100 plus a $500 album credit. But it is not about the money lost at this point - Crystal and Johnny just want the images of those special memories.

The couple has no idea how they can get the photos from their wedding day.

Crystal told me she reached out to the individual photographers, which turned out to be a dead-end as far as getting access to her pictures. Unfortunately, the photographers had given their SD cards to the studio and did not have backups of the wedding pictures. So, at this point, the only photos Johnny and Crystal may ever have are the few sneak peeks. And the sneak peek does not even include a photo with Crystal's parents. She is their only daughter and this was a big day for them as well.

At first, Crystal and Johnny had a great experience with Glasser Images.

Crystal and Johnny began working with Glasser Images in April of 2021 because their preferred photographer was unavailable for the date. The couple knew of Glasser Images because of social media and because their family had previously used the company for wedding pictures. And Crystal says that Glasser Images was "great to work with until after the wedding."

When I asked if anything seemed "off" while they were working with Glasser Images, Crystal said that communication on the company's end began to lack. After multiple emails and texts went unanswered, Crystal said that she and her husband did not feel like much of a priority. And the only reason the couple even got a few sneak peek photos was that some friends reached out to Glasser Images to inquire about what was going on.

This is not the first time Crystal has tragically lost precious memories.

This would be a big deal to anyone, but Crystal has already lost years' worth of her memories in photographs. She told me this feels like deja vu because all of her family photos were once stolen when her parents' Arizona home was broken into. Those older family pictures were never recovered, and Crystal is now just hoping she can get her wedding photos so her family can have some memories to look back on.

Crystal and Johnny are fighting to get their pictures from Glasser Images.

This is supposed to be the happiest time in someone's life. Now, instead of living in newly wedded bliss, Crystal and Johnny are left wondering if they will ever get their wedding photos from Glasser Images. Crystal told me she has felt many emotions and has even lost sleep over this. But she and her husband are fighting to get their pictures. Crystal said that they have started filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office and they have signed to be a part of a class-action lawsuit.

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