I've heard this expression many times and I'm still having trouble agreeing with it

"A million dollars isn't what it used to be" or "A million dollars isn't that MUCH these days" - Really? So I'm guessing the same people who use those two sayings a lot would have no problem paying out that much money. We all heard and read about Glasser Images downfall last year, back in October their business abruptly closed, leaving customers literally out in the dark. According to kfyrtv-tv "Bismarck-based photography company, Glasser Images has closed up shop and left brides and grooms-to-be in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado without so much as their deposits back" One person was out as much as $5,000. That was five long months ago.

Problems for the business kept piling in, including one company that eventually sued them

As many disappointed and angry wedding couples sat back and hoped that matters would get resolved, Glasser Images sank deeper and deeper in troubled waters. Bismarcktribune.com reported that a company called PayJunction attempted to sue their defunct business back in November, though Glasser's legal team failed to respond. According to bismarcktribune.com "Owner Jack Glasser had told clients he would be unable to refund them if they had already booked photography services and put down money"

Justice was served today

Today a federal judge delivered the order to Glasser Images that they will pay nearly a million dollars in a lawsuit, which is "related to clients’ credit card disputes" Bismarcktribune.com reported that there were at least half a dozen people that brought cases against Glasser Images. Only time will tell if all those that lost money will truly be taken care of.



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