Last night the roomate and I caught up on last week's episode of Glee "The Sadie Hawkins Dance" episode. I experienced so many random thoughts watching this epsiode of Glee last night.

1) The first season of Glee I was an official GLEEK I would not miss an episode and then I moved on to everything Real Housewives.

2)No TV show out there better covers what it's like to be a teen in particulary a teen with a passion for music, singing, dating, popularity, geekdom, love, sex and everything in between.

3) The "Sadie Hawkins Dance" episode transported me back to being 17 at prom- being dressed up, feeling awkward, all the different crowds, boys, expectations of what that night was going to be like. What it felt like when someone asked you to the dance or if you did not get asked to the dance. Getting on the dance floor and dancing or sitting watching everyone have fun but you.

4) Glee did a badass cover of Bruno Mars "Locked Out of Heaven", watch it, sing along and release your inner Gleek!