In the past, the Vikings kicked both Adrian Pederson and Randy Moss to the curb. Why not the same for Kirk?  I presume Adrian will soon join Randy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I presume Kirk may watch the ceremony on TV.

I'm not going to join the dogpile of Kirk Cousins doubters. Statistically, the guy is solid.

Seriously, there have been 20 starting Viking quarterbacks in the last 20 years. Maybe it's a guy like Sean Mannion who is 20th on that list of losers. Mannion has only had two starts because the durable Kirk Cousins has only missed two games.  Get this- a washout like Christian Ponder is 6th on the list!  Kirk Cousins is the 2nd best quarterback the Vikings have had in 20 years, trailing only Duante Culpepper.

Many sports sites have Kirk Cousins in the top five Viking QBs of all time.

Kirk has a 50% winning percentage with the Vikings which is about as middle of the road as you can get. But the problem is...the Vikings fell hook, line, and sinker in re-signing Cousins. He's set to make $45 million next season.  That's about 20% of the total salary cap.  Ouch.  Kirk wants to play out his career in Minnesota. If so, he's going to have to take a pay cut. has a list of 4 ideal offseason options for a Cousins trade.

1) Replace Ben Rothlisberger in Pittsburg.  Big Ben is retiring and for some reason, the Steelers didn't prepare for that.

2) Trade with Cleveland for Baker Mayfield. Do Viking fans want Baker Mayfield? Nope. But they would like to retain more players by paying Mayfield his $19 million salary.

3) Send Kirk to the New York Giants. We get unimpressive Giant QB Daniel Jones and a pick while saving a ton of money. We can probably be a .500 team with Jones too.

4) Bring back Teddy Bridgewater through a trade with the Denver Broncos. Two Glove Teddy's finale with the Vikings nearly killed the kid. We could get him back along with some other players and still save $45 million.

More than likely, The Vikings will just keep Cousins under center and lose other team talents they can't afford anymore.

Here's a topic for Monday- After the Vikes fire Mike Zimmer should we go after Pete Carrol from the Seahawks?

Minnesota Viking fans let's hear ya sound off in the comments!

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