Governor Doug Burgum gave a warning on Wednesday, April 9th at his press conference concerning outdoors.

Non-Resident fisherman WILL be allowed to come to North Dakota and are exempt from the 14 day quarantine mandate once they enter the state.  This 14 day immediate quarantine is for all travelers coming from another state or country.  There are exemptions, including workers or those coming to the state for essential supplies or services.  The other exemption is outdoor activities, including fishing & hunting.  The Governor reminded all people in the outdoors,  they must comply with the 6 feet social distancing ordinance.  The majority of our Non-Resident fisherman come from Minnesota.

However, the Governor warned if fisherman crowd bridges or boat ramps, he will close them.  He will continue to work with North Dakota Game and Fish with this situation.

The Governor also mentioned that he did close the Paddlefish snagging season in NW North Dakota at the Yellowstone & Missouri, which usually has fisherman in very close contact of each other.

Governor Burgum added that right now we have very few Non-Resident fisherman coming to North Dakota.  He said he will re-evaluate the situation in May if he has to.

To watch the press conference CLICK HERE.