The city of Grand Forks has allowed its Mask Mandate to expire.  This comes as COVID-19 numbers continue to decline across the state and Grand Forks County.  In fact, according to an article on Valley News Live, we are in a stretch of 14 days of low COVID-19 numbers statewide.

So what about Fargo and West Fargo?  North Dakota's largest city still has a mask mandate in effect.  So does it's city to the west, West Fargo.  According to the article, the Mayor of Fargo Tim Mahoney says with the Cass County moving to vaccinate patients in Phase 1C, the mask mandate is set to expire on March 22nd.

West Fargo could be looking at a similar situation.  A West Fargo Representative says their Mask Strategy will be brought up on their March 15th Commission meeting.

We're doing pretty good in Burleigh County as well.  For the first time I believe in a long time, we had ZERO positive cases in Burleigh County.  Granted, I'm sure the weekend has a lot to do with that and fewer people getting tested.  Here's a look at our latest numbers in North Dakota.  As you can see we are doing very well.


Only 28 new cases in the state of North Dakota. 578 active cases and only 22 people are hospitalized in North Dakota. I would say we are certainly trending in the right direction in North Dakota.

Health Officials are warning of a super spreader event again and it's coming up this weekend and next Wednesday. They are concerned with St. Patrick's Day festivities.  Always a Debbie Downer, these health officials. Okay, I'll say it, They also warned of a super spreader on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve & the Super Bowl.  Didn't happen!


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