A Grand Forks woman has taken to Facebook to ask her community to help her find her puppy. TaylorAnne Pederson's six-month-old Corgi, named Winston, was stolen while Pederson was away on vacation. In an interview with Valley News Live (Fargo) Pederson said that her pet sitter discovered that Winston was missing.

The Valley News Live report states that when the sitter unlocked the door and entered TaylorAnn's apartment, one of her three pets was missing! The sitter looked for Winston, but only discovered "a knife and what appeared to be a pried open first-floor window." And the only other missing thing was a PlayStation 4. Get the full story about Winston's disappearance from Valley News Live here.

Not only is Winston missing, but TaylorAnn also told Valley News Live that she has no idea who could have taken Winston - she has no animosity with anybody. She also said that she did not post much about being away from home. So, not only has poor Winston been kidnapped, there is also a mystery to solve.

From what I can gather, whether TaylorAnn posted anything on social media or not, someone was watching what was going on at her apartment. Whoever broke in only took Winston and a PlayStation - the culprit had a mission when they got into the place.

This crime may have happened in Eastern North Dakota, but we can still be on the lookout for Winston! Keep an eye on what people are selling on social media market pages! Maybe you can help rescue Winston!

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