A 50,000 square foot land of fun and games just opened in Fargo.

I have been advocating for Fargo to get a Dave & Buster's for some time now. And, as much as I love D&B's and all their games, Fargo may be getting something cooler than my beloved restaurant, bar, and arcade. A brand new, 50,000 square foot restaurant, bar, bowling alley, arcade, and more just opened in Fargo.

Kingpinz in Fargo is a new destination for family fun.

Next time you take the family to Fargo, you can make a stop at Kingpinz. There is something for everybody at the massive entertainment facility. Valley News Live reports that "Kingpinz is an entertainment facility with a large arcade, four escape rooms, laser tag and hyperbowling." On top of that, there is a restaurant, bar, and snack trailer. Seriously, there is so much to do at Kingpinz!

What is your favorite arcade game to play?

I used to love playing in the arcade as a kid. And I pretty recently got back into it. Though I am totally terrible at arcade games, I have spent some time playing all the fun games at Spare Time Arcade in Mandan. A couple of games I really enjoy playing are Crossy Road and any of the basketball shooting ones. But the one I like the most is the traditional Mario Kart racing game. And I actually like that one is my favorite because it is the one arcade game I am actually good at.

Things to do at Kingpinz in Fargo

If you are a fan of arcades, bowling, eating, and drinking, you will have fun at the newest entertainment facility in North Dakota. Find out what is fun about Kingpinz in Fargo!