Have you always wanted long hair? Have you always been curious of how they work, how much they are, and how effective they are? Since I've been wearing hair extension for 6 years, I have your answers!

Basically for hair extensions you have three options: clip in, permanent, and a new option - halo.

If you want something you don't have to worry about every day, I would choose the permanent ones. These are the ones I usually get. They run about $850, depending on how much you need. The process to put them in is melting a piece of plastic with your extension on to your natural hair. It doesn't hurt or harm you hair at all. They last about 4-5 months, depending on how well you take care of them. To remove them, the stylist puts a solution on the plastic and it dissolves right off.

If you're looking for something removable every day, you could use the clip ins. They run from $25-$100. They're not bad, but they can be a real pain to take in and out. If you want something that's a good price and will last a long time that's also removable, this third option is for you.

The newest trend in hair extensions is called a halo. It's a chunk of hair on a thin but strong wire. To wear it, you place the circle of wire around your head like a halo would fit and it looks completely natural and the wire is invisible. You can take it in and out every day and since it's just one piece, there's not a lot of hassle that goes with it. The price is about $350, but the piece can last for years and still look great.

Have you ever considered getting hair extensions? Which method appeals to you most?