Today, I saw a post on Facebook that has gone viral, and I completely understand why!

A professional photographer who specializes in boudoir photography received a letter from the husband of a client that hits a little too close to home for me personally.

In it, he thanked Victoria for her work (photoshop and all), and for giving him the reminder he really needed. His wife was beautiful to him, and it was the flaws she wanted photoshopped out that made her beautiful to him.

First off... Let me please applaud this man for writing this letter, and to Victoria for sharing it with the world! It reminds me of a quote I heard way back in elementary school that still sticks with me. (Sorry, I don't remember who said it or who to credit it to) "With each new flaw I find, you become more perfect."

Husbands, take this as a reminder to always take a minute to remind your wives how beautiful they are to you! When they get down about something you find attractive, remind them! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it's our jobs to tell them what we see.

Women, as Victoria said in her post;

Ladies, I can photoshop just about anything. But I encourage you to think twice about how much "altering" we do. Our loved ones cherish and adore us just as we are. This email was 100% real, and I cried like a baby with guilt for at least 6 months after that whenever I read it. I encourage you to embrace YOU just as you are!

...oh, and just in case you don't have anyone telling you how beautiful you are tonight....YOU ARE SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3

Thank you Victoria for passing such a beautiful message along to the world!