Take a deep breath, Directioners. It's time to rip off the band-aid: Harry Styles of One Direction has quasi-confirmed his relationship with Taylor Swift.

When 1D were on the red carpet prior to their performance of 'Kiss You' at the 'X Factor' season finale, one ballsy reporter asked Styles flat out what's up with T-Swizzle.

"You've been spending time with Taylor?" a reporter asks the "Ha" half of Haylor. "How's that going?" As his bandmates looked on awkwardly, sipping their product-placement Pepsi, Styles replied, "It's good." When the reporter pressed, "Is it a relationship?" Styles was a bit more coy. "Maybe," he smiled.

While it may seem pointless to deny the dating rumors at this point -- there's photographic evidence, and Styles' pal Olly Murs confirmed them -- it may be that Styles doesn't want to open Pandora's box in terms of relationship talk. Because once you hear it from the horse's (or Hazza's!) mouth, the questions will only continue. And that will get awkward if it's true that Swifty's swiftly smothering him!