I grew up on the Red River in Grand Forks.  I was a river rat who spent a lot of time fishing, hanging out, and doing things kids probably shouldn't be doing down there.

During that time, the Red River had multiple man-made waterfalls (known as low-head dams) along its North Dakota stretch.  Because of the undertows those dams created, those areas could be very dangerous spots.  I remember multiple people trying to kayak or raft over the dam in Grand Forks only to tragically drown to death.

After numerous drownings all across the state, government agencies began replacing those low-head dams with safer rock ramps.

Those low-head dams were all man-made waterfalls.  How about natural waterfalls in North Dakota?

Do we have any?  According to the website Travel and Leisure, "North Dakota's Best Waterfall" is also are ONLY natural waterfall.

North Dakota's Best Waterfall is none other than "Mineral Springs."

As somebody who has lived in North Dakota just about all my life, I'm shocked I've never even heard a whisper about this waterfall.

It's located in the Sheyenne River State Forest.  We have a state forest?  Mind blown.  According to the article, "it originates from an underground spring that gently trickles down an eight-foot embankment into a small creek that empties into the nearby Sheyenne River."

Apparently, this spot is a favorite of North Dakota hikers.

According to North Dakota Tourism, you can find this little gem about 10 miles west of Lisbon, North Dakota, or 1 mile southeast of Fort Ransom, followed by a 2.2-mile hike to reach the Mineral Springs waterfall.

Here's an actual picture of it and a YouTube video too.

YouTube Screen Shot/Kevin R. Tengesdal Channel
YouTube Screen Shot/Kevin R. Tengesdal Channel

Video courtesy of the Kevin R. Tengesdal YouTube Channel.

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