Girls "Disappointed In Minot" Night

This story is such a bummer for so many women in Minot who were planning a normal 'Girls' Night Out" in Minot - and always remember the song "Girls just want to have fun"

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All they wanted to do was let their hair down a little, to cut loose just a bit - for one night, and they found out that apparently, the city of Minot doesn't approve of girls having fun.

The Drop Zone bar and nightclub was all set to provide some entertainment in Minot last night

However, the city council and police had last second different ideas,  such as canceling the show. According to "The Drop Zone bar and nightclub, at 101 Main St. in Minot, was slated to host "Girls Night Out," a 21+ show on Tuesday, March 21, before it was shut down due to violations within city ordinances" The real bummer for the owner of the bar Anthony Barrette had invested a lot of money into this and was really "up-front" with the city officials, to no success. Why?

What's the best way to describe this show? How would you go about telling a city official about it? reported that  "A section of the city liquor ordinance states that nudity, semi-nudity, and sexually explicit acts are prohibited in a licensed premise" The website explains the show like this - "Each of our performers embodies a different female fantasy and brings it to life on stage before your eyes, turning your wildest dreams into reality! Whether it’s a Cowboy, Fireman, or Knight in Shining Armor, the show has something that will appeal to everyone. All of this and more happens as you experience the best live Male Revue show in the Country!"

What's so harmful about that?

As far as I could tell, there is no nudity, or anything close to anything that crosses the line of decency. Sadly for the Minot women, the show was moved to Velva, Rope Lariat Bar and Grill. welcomed them over with open arms  - no word on if Cyndi Lauper was in the audience.

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