Hunting is something very sacred in North Dakota.  It's a right of passage.  Deer hunting, duck and goose hunting, pheasant hunting, and other small and big game hunting are what many of us cherish in this state. So many of these traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. North Dakota is a hunting paradise and is a favorite for out-of-state hunters.

However, it's not that way in many other states across the nation.  Fewer people are hunting across the nation and there's plenty of opposition.  In some cases harassment.  This happened recently not in North Dakota but is a reminder of what could happen if we don't continue to recruit new hunters.  It's actually kind of humorous as a woman goes to feed some wild ducks only to find out they are decoys.  The duck hunters are nearby and politely let her know they're not real and then, she decided to let them have it with both barrels.

I thought these guys handled this very well. They remained polite, despite her aggression.

In North Dakota, this would be considered harassment and illegal.  The North Dakota Century Code reads as follows, "No person may intentionally interfere with the lawful taking of wildlife on public or private land by another or intentionally harass, drive, or disturb any wildlife on public or private land for the purpose of disrupting a lawful hunt." (  NDCC 20.1-01-31)

Thankfully, this is not a common occurrence in North Dakota.


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