Facts Of Life

Here's the truth about most of our days. We wake up, go to work, run errands on our lunch breaks, pick up our kids from school, make dinner, and if we're lucky enough to have any energy left, we sit down and watch an hour or two of TV.

Since we're all spending an hour or two streaming TV each day, it's fair to ask what North Dakotans watching the most.

I'll Tell You

Next time you run into a friend at the grocery store and struggle to find small talk, you can bring up this TV show because it's more than likely that they are watching it or have watched it.


Most Popular TV Show In The United States?

A company called wisevoter put together data reports on each state to see what everyone is watching. What's the most popular TV show in the country? According to the source, 20 different states have Kaleidoscope as the most streamed show. Have you heard of it? - I'll admit that I haven't.

If you want to check this one out, you can always stream it on Netflix.



The second most popular TV show in the country is Emily in Paris. I'll admit, this is my guilty pleasure. The outfits, the romantic Paris setting, the love triangles, and the workplace drama... yeah, I'm here for it. If I've piqued your interest, you can watch this show on Netflix.


Most Popular TV Show In North Dakota

Do you like gore? Jump scares? How about hungry flesh-eating zombies? If you answered yes, then you're probably watching The Last of Us. This is the most popular show in four different states, including North Dakota. The show is, in short, about two people navigating their way around a zombie apocalypse.

If you want to see what all of the hype is about, you will need to get HBO Max; that's the only place it is currently streaming. P.S. they have a new cheaper ad version of the app for $9.99/month.

Something Good To Watch

We're always looking for a good, new TV show to binge, so maybe this has helped you find something new to start.

Thanks for reading! TTFN.

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