As I was looking on, just for fun-zies, as one does, I noticed something in the corner of one of the listings. There was a house tucked behind some trees, but despite nature's efforts it was hard to miss.

I saw this and immediately thought, "Hold the phone. We need to see what's happening there." With that, I was on a mission; it was operation "Find the pink house."

As I kept exploring on Google Maps, I noticed there were several colorful homes on this end of Rosser Ave (West).

I have to wonder, did the people on this street collaborate? Is this their unspoken bond? Did they have to draw straws on who got which colors?

I have so many questions on how this came about.

Note: If you've lived here a long time and/or drive around a lot, you might have already noticed these. If not, you might enjoy taking a look now.

Note 2.0: This isn't intended to bash anyone's personal style or insult anyone in any way.

Let's Dive in!

Hard-To-Miss Homes In Bismarck

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It's crazy that all these houses are right next to each other. I love it!


That's All Folks!

I know there are probably many other "Hard-to-Miss" homes in Bismarck-Mandan, so stay tuned for me to point out more in the very near future.


I need to know why the people of this street decided to do this. Do you know any of the owners of these homes? If so, send me a message on our app and give me the scoop.

I'd also like to add that someone told me I don't know colors and this is, in fact, a purple house. I see pink, so I'm saying pink.


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