If you haven't seen this TikTok video, you should take a minute to give it a watch. A man from North Dakota named Preston, is pleading for help.

"All I'm asking is for a chance," said Preston.

He tells the story of his 2-year-old nephew who's been diagnosed with a very serious illness.

At the end of the video it pictures Preston's nephew in the hospital playing with his brother.


Turned Away For Treatment - Not Sick Enough

Preston explains his nephew was taken to the University of Duke to receive a thymus transplant , but he was turned away because he wasn't sick enough to be considered for this transplant he needs.

Taken A Turn For The Worse - Too Sick To Treat

Preston goes on to explain that his nephew has now taken a turn for the worse, and the University of Duke still won't accept his nephew. Preston explains that the hospital has a phenomenal track record of having little to no deaths.

"The University of Duke has done a hundred per hundred chance of the chimes transplant; they've never lost a patient -- which is great," said Preston.

He thinks they don't believe his nephew will make it, so they won't treat him. He's now "Too sick." This, so it doesn't effect their successful track record.

"I always say how do you know if you don't try," said Preston.


I can't speak on his issue with the hospital, but I can say this is truly heartbreaking. This man is doing everything he can to get help for his family.

I did do a little research, and found that the treatment Preston refers to in this video is something that has only been done in clinical trials. There are certain restrictions and qualifications to be accepted into the trial. The Duke's newspaper details this.

I've reached out to Colton Hettich, who posted the Tiktok video on behalf of Preston, to see what we can do to help and to get a little more info. I will update this article with more updates and ways to help this North Dakota family, so keep checking back.


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