Bismarck nonprofit organization, Heavens Helpers, is expanding this summer.

First, we had Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe. Then, there was Heavens Helpers Closet (701). Next, there will be Heavens Helpers Repurpose Store. As the Heavens Helpers' non-profit organization continues to expand, it also continues to help people in the need in the Bisman community.

What is Heavens Helpers Repurpose Store?

Bismarck Tribune reports that Heavens Helpers Repurpose Store is a place where people with troubled pasts can work, repurposing donated furniture and appliances. Executive Director, Mark Meir, told Bismarck Tribune that the profits pay overhead expenses as well as go back to the Soup Cafe, "with a long-term goal of creating safe housing for individuals and families." The store is set to be open in August or September.

Before the repurpose store opens, donations are needed!

Heavens Helpers Repurpose Store posted that they are looking for donations from community members. Here is what they currently need before opening:

    • Big and Small Appliances
    • Gently Used Furniture
    • Lumber
    • Cabinets
    • Tools

A repurpose store is beneficial for the whole Bisman community!

As someone who loves to save money all while spending it, a whole repurpose store sounds amazing to me! Heavens Helpers Repurpose Store will soon do a lot for the whole community, from providing jobs for people who need a second chance to keeping usable furniture and appliances out of landfills. And anyone who is money-conscious or just loves a unique furniture find will be spending their dollars locally.

Heavens Helpers Repurpose Store is located at 1401 East Main Avenue, Bismarck and they can be contacted at 701-751–0405.

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