I'm right there with you when I read the headline. Nobody wants to deal with increased fees or having to fork out more money, but it's almost inevitable in life. My theory is to be grateful we don't live in an overly expensive city with even more OVERLY enormous property taxes.

A $240,000 property will see about $126 in new taxes

According to the Bismarck Tribune, "Bismarck residents will see almost $4 million in property tax increases in 2022 after the city commission approved a final budget Tuesday". So does that bit of news make you just want to pack up and leave town? I completely understand your frustration, but it's clearly not so bad if you compare it to many other cities around the country.

You would be paying at least 5 grand if you lived in New York

Back in February mansionglobal put out a story on some of our city's highest and lowest property taxes - so it was no shocker to me that "...New York, Illinois, and California are also in the top 10 states with the highest property taxes in 2020..." That was last year, so I'm sure they are paying much more now.

Once again it's all relative to where you live

I'm from a big city -  San Diego, California. I appreciate a much smaller town where the pace doesn't seem to be so hectic, and most people exhibit the "North Dakota Nice" phrase to a tee. I come from both sides on this issue, I can relate to those people who feel that we are being hit with unnecessary fees every passing year, yet I feel that they are warranted and needed. What do you think?




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