Determining Which Town is Growing the Fastest

Have you ever wondered which town is growing the fastest? It just so happens that compiled data to find the answer to this burning question.

The source looked at the one, five, and eight-year changes in housing and population.

The source focused on cities with a population of more than 25,000 but less than 500,00.

Results of the Study

I'm sure there's more than one town in North Dakota that is growing rapidly, but which is the fastest?


When the oil boom hit, Dickinson, North Dakota really took off, but is it still the fastest-growing town?

As it turns out, Dickinson is not the fastest-growing town in North Dakota.

The 2023 data collected by the source found that the fastest-growing town is none other than West Fargo.

Are you surprised by this result?


Here's what they found when it came to the population of West Fargo:

In one year, the population has increased by 4.14 %

In five years, the population has increased 20.14%

In eight years, the population growth of West Fargo is 40.35%


Occupied Housing Units

Here's what they found when it came to occupied housing units in West Fargo:

In one year, occupied units have risen 4.16%, in 5 years it has gone up 20.20%, and in eight years, it's risen 40.37%.

These increases line up with the population growth.

Go Banking Rates not only found out the fastest growing town in North Dakota, but the fastest growing city in every state. 

Feel free to check it out.

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