Easter's here and while the majority of those celebrating will enjoy brunch somewhere, others might want to try something different. So, how about rabbit?

Is it odd to even consider eating rabbit on Easter? Probably, but you can't tell me there isn't someone out there who has wondered where they can get a delicious rabbit dish on a nice Sunday afternoon.

So, without further ado, here are five North Dakota restaurants who offer dishes featuring rabbit.

  • 1

    Pirogue Grill - Bismarck

    Located in downtown Bismarck, Pirogue Grill offers an interesting appetizer: BBQ rabbit on a wild rice potato pancake.

    Yelp user Iver M., from Williston, had this to say about Pirogue Grill in his review: 'Venison, rabbit, walleye, bison, pheasant, beets, and a well stocked bar... Died and gone to a North Dakota themed culinary paradise?! Nope! Just dinner at the Pirogue.'

    You can learn more about Pirogue Grill at their official website HERE.

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    Würst Bier Hall - Fargo

    Located near the Plains Art Museum, Fargo's Würst Bier Hall has an impressive beer selection, including numerous German beers, which you can pair with the jackalope würst, which is comprised of rabbit and antelope.

    If the jackalope isn't exotic enough for you, Würst Bier Hall also offers wild boar sausage, elk sausage, and wild pheasant.

    For more on Fargo's Würst Bier Hall, visit their official website HERE.

  • 3

    Toscana - Fargo

    Another Fargo location, Toscana, features a rabbit entree that you might miss on the menu.

    Toscana's Lapin Au Sauvage is tender wild hare slow cooked with peppers, tomatoes, olives, onions and garlic then finished in a robust cacciatore sauce, according to their menu.

    Yelp user Kim E. discussed the dish in her review of Toscana: 'Drive in from Minneapolis, ND would be my 48th state-all the lower 48; that was my goal,wanted to celebrate with some spaghetti celebratory;  this place looked good; I knew nothing about it-was just about to order main lobster( think they meant Maine) pasta, when noticed a dish of wild hare cacciatore. Don't see that on many menus, much less eat wild hare. So I made a last minute switch and went for the rabbit. It was really good.'

    Learn more about Toscana HERE.