Gee, let me think about that for a bit...can I get back to you tomorrow?

Yeah right, for some reason ( the obvious one ) I saw this yesterday and it jumped right out at me. I had my quick questions right off the bat, "Why would Netflix pay someone that much money, and what the heck are they looking for?" Hey, maybe they need someone to go undercover and rat people out for sharing their passwords with everyone in their hometown, although I think they handled that issue by raising their monthly fees. I'm pretty sure that this move by Netflix is not just a publicity stunt, you be the judge:

Could they be looking for YOU? They left it wide open for anyone to apply, even us North Dakotans...

...well are they looking for like new mini-series ideas? I mean they seem to do well with those - how about 6 or 7 segments on "North Dakota Nice" - they would have a lot of people out here to choose from that's for sure. Here is what they really are after - according to "Netflix is hiring a flight attendant for one of its private jets - with the successful applicant being paid as much as $385,000 (£313,538) a year. The streaming giant says it is looking for candidates with "independent judgment, discretion, and outstanding customer service skills".This is the part that cracks me up - they also said: "They should also be able to "operate with little direction and a lot of self-motivation."

ok well, I'm pretty sure if you gave me $385,000 a year I would be damned motivated. So listen up Netflix I'll go ahead and hit you up, my resume is on its way - just let me know when that private jet is on its way to Bismarck and I'll clear out a place for you to land in my neighborhood.


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